Use of Candles in Sexual Relations

We have all seen some erotic scene in which a couple plays with a candle, dropping drops of hot wax on the naked body of their partner, bringing them closer to the most delicate areas. Yes, it’s a bit painful, but the trick is to keep that pain in the limit of intensity that causes us pleasure, and not go beyond. Let’s see how to get the most out of this somewhat adventurous activity! Look for the best candles for wax play. One of the elements to use in erotic games is the candles. ¬†Either to use their wax to throw it in some erogenous zone of the couple, or to use their oil in sensual massages, they are an excellent alternative to innovate and discover new sensations.

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In this interesting post, we will teach you how you can use the candles, in your erotic games, so that with them you can increase the pleasure and enrich the couple. Undoubtedly, erotic games are fundamental to enrich sexual and couple relationships. Beyond being necessary to achieve adequate lubrication, in the case of women, they are also an excellent alternative to innovate, get out of the routine and look for new sensations. In this regard, there are several options that you can implement in your erotic games, do you want some ideas? Well, today we will give you some tips that will help you ignite the passion. Have you ever experienced the power of candles in your erotic games? If you have not done it yet, it is one of the recommended ones.

To begin, you must get several white paraffin candles, which are the most common and economic, you wonder why white and not another color, because of simple, dark colored candles, burn at a higher temperature, so that traditional whites are safer for the skin. Do not use common scented candles, since the essences they have can produce an allergic reaction, or they can raise a lot of temperatures and cause burns. You can see the best candles for wax play. For the rest, if you know how to use them with care, you should not worry and the experienced sensation will never be forgotten! Then, you will proceed to light the candle and let it burn a few minutes so that the wax begins to melt and accumulate. After this, you will be able to start dropping wax, on top of your partner.

Distance is also essential so that it does not burn. The recommended thing is to throw it from about 20 centimeters. Anyway, you can go playing and seeing the effect it produces on your partner, varying the distances, but be careful and do not tempt yourself to throw it from very close to the body! You will ask yourself which are the most sensitive areas of the heat?, You can discover them yourself but always keeping in mind to avoid those areas in which you can produce some damage. Unless you are an experienced one, you should avoid the face, genitals, areas where there is hair or hair and nipples; the best candles for wax play are available. Instead, you can try with the belly area, between the breasts, legs, back, and on the buttocks.